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McDonald’s paper straws cannot be recycled

The BBC is currently reporting on a story ‘broken’ by The Sun, that McDonalds straws cannot be recycled.

Buried deep within the article, the revelation that the materials are recyclable, but McDonalds statement reads:

“As a result of customer feedback, we have strengthened our paper straws, so while the materials are recyclable, their current thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed by our waste solution providers, who also help us recycle our paper cups,”

We’re in the ridiculous situation that McDonalds and the BBC are misleading the public. From the article:

“Last year, it axed plastic straws, even though they were recyclable, in all its UK branches as part of a green drive.”


Ok, the paper straws are indeed recyclable but, it seems, only by everyone outside the McDonalds company. Officially. The bad thing here, how irresponsible is this reporting repeated across a wide range of clickbait headline news sources‽

People simply won’t recycle them because of this crap excuse for journalism.

I’m curious now; what cardboard thickness would you consider unsuitable to put in your recycling bin? Egg box? Washing machine soap powder box?

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