I’m a Browns fan.

What will I doing over our offseason (the NFL’s centenary year playoffs)?

  • Wondering where my 8-7-1 season prediction went. (We finished 6-10 and our Head Coach was just fired after losing the final game to a 1-14 team – of all teams to end a season with it had to be a loss to the Bengals.)
  • Watching the playoffs. (Cheering for the Bills – our Lake Erie Bros. It’s an emotional and a logical choice; emotional because I’ll never forget their greatness in 4 consecutive Super Bowls when I first started watching the sport, logical for geographical proximity and an absence of antipathy between our franchises. (I’m undecided whether to root for the underdog or for teams who’ve beaten us – it’d only be an attempt to legitimise our losses. Don’t ask who I’m thinking of.)
  • Getting more value from NFL GamePass International. (Though the live games were amazing after a long break listening to the radio, a through-the-ages Browns TV marathon might better prep me for 2020.)
  • Following the inevitable roster cuts. (And hoping Jamie Gillan, ‘The Scottish Hammer’, makes it; he’s earned his place.)
  • Hoping free agency brings us a dynasty, or at least some successful years. (It’ll only work if we don’t do the Browns thing and collect wayward personalities and borderline/actual criminals.)
  • Hoping all who need treatment either return at 100% or have success elsewhere (just not against us!)
  • Also hoping Myles Garrett’s suspension is lifted and he’s ready for next season; there’s unfinished business – sacks, pressures, dominance, not the other thing.
  • Speculating on upcoming coaching staff appointments (and how effective they’re likely to be. Something tells me though that Sam Rutigliano won’t even apply for the Head Coach job. We absolutely need someone with experience in that role though, someone with proven ability too.)
  • Wondering what the hell that ‘unique’ organisational thing for the Browns, mentioned before the Bengals game, actually is! (My request in Reddit’s r/Browns for ways we could go headless wasn’t at all well received; I’ve speculated that everyone thought I actually wanted it! It would be the most unique thing if it happened, not much else qualifies.)
  • Living in r/Browns. (And hoping more actually read all the way through my admittedly often silly questions before commenting negatively or downvoting.)
  • Awaiting the draft (even though I don’t believe we’ll find success there, though I know we need O-line I proved to myself I’m rubbish at guessing who we’ll actually take.)
  • Reading more Browns history. (I started with Terry Pluto’s excellent but depressing/maddening ‘False Start: How the New Browns Were Set Up to Fail’.)
  • I’ve been reminded there’s still room in my life for Britball. (British American football, alongside NFL Europe’s Scottish Claymores at one point a bigger part of my life than the NFL. Yeah.)
  • Wearing what Browns gear I have, often. (I’m no ambassador, I’m just this fan, you know?)
  • Scouring eBay listings for clothes worn by others. (No, it’s not what you think! Or maybe it is.)