I don’t understand the hate directed at Greta Thunberg and the relentless campaign against her and the inevitability of the depletion of the finite resources our planet holds. Honestly I don’t. Neglect climate change and her concerns remain valid.

It depresses me when people use nonsensical arguments masquerading as facts (or science), attack her Aspergers, attack her parents… it’s almost as-if a 16 year old cannot be allowed to have an opinion, and must not be allowed to convert that opinion into action.

The most depressing thing, everyone with an inquiring mind can wade through the bullshit and examine the evidence behind her concerns. We’re living in what I naively thought an age in which information is so readily available there’s zero excuse for ignorance.

Oh, as for writing a book and those accusations of personally cashing in, it’s not even true.

What’s the thing that buries its head in the sand when danger approaches? That’s right, it’s a myth too.

Now, the only thing that remains to be said, do I get her book as a paperback, a hardback, or as an electronic download (that’d be for my Kindle)? I can’t share it with my daughters if it’s all-electronic, and yet…

After watching the BBC’s Christmas 2019 oddly controversial adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, I bought the paperback. It’s quite the allegory for our times this book, and for the world in which we now find ourselves.

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