“This is something you won’t want to read, but please read it anyway; it’s worth remembering next time you vote here in the UK.”

https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2020/03/24/former-tory-adviser-uses-130000-austerity-deaths-to-argue-against-coronavirus-shutdown/amp/ (Link opens in new window.)

I said this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, but it’s a bit insular isn’t it. Expand it to the right wing of politics everywhere and I’m still unable to grasp how anyone can think this way; the depth of their conviction – and their ignorance of facts staggers me.

Right now as society shifts as the covid-19 coronavirus spreads and our liberties are necessarily restricted, I can’t process a lot of things, and haven’t really felt able to use the word ‘evil’ without at least attempting to understand the rationale behind past decisions made. But, restricting my thoughts to the UK, the lack of humanity in Conservative party official policy through my entire adult life is telling.‬

From Thatcher onwards, the ability of Conservative politicians to ignore their own people – constituents who put them in power trusting in the state’s nominal duty to protect – really does baffle me. The obvious absence of that humanity leads me to an inescapable personal conclusion.

If you even once attempt to justify a past vote for the UK Conservative party by picking a single current example of ‘a good thing they’re doing right now” or one at any point since Thatcher, rather than shun I’ll make it my business to educate you. The complete lack of actual knowledge I’ve observed since ‘Brexit’ became a thing and since voters here decided to jump to the political and social right, it burns. Voting for a manufactured personality, in blissful ignorance of all the evidence of detached privilege, incompetence and a singular selfish purpose, it burns.

This is not fine. (Think of precedent.)

So what if I’m crap at this ‘politics’ thing, at least my conscience will be clear for having tried.

I’m publishing the post now (3am!) but might come back to flesh it out another time, when I can process what the fuck is happening.

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