three hundred thousand thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand…

“…[COVID-19] tests carried out across the UK, excluding Northern Ireland. – Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary [a Conservative politician].”


Another article:

‘Speaking at the daily Downing Street coronavirus briefing, Priti Patel [a Conservative] was asked twice if she would apologise about the lack of PPE being provided to frontline workers. “I’m sorry if people feel that there have been failings,” she said. “I will be very, very clear about that.”’

‘Speaking to Sky News after the press conference, the [Labour Party] shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, said: “It wasn’t really an apology, was it? It was one of those half-hearted apologies where you use the word ‘sorry’ to give the impression that you are apologising but you are not actually in reality apologising.”


Let me get this straight, the Home Secretary (a Conservative) can’t read numbers, and is very, very clear about something it appears she cannot sympathise or empathise with, and cannot ensure it is fixed. If Amazon (for example) can figure it out why can’t a national government‽ Logistics, pure and simple.

By the way, the graph indicates things are improving, right? Look carefully at the vertical scale, it’s logarithmic; equal height divisions for 100 – 1,000 – 10,000 – 100,000 – 1,000,000. It’s disingenuous and thus completely reprehensible!

Oh yeah, the resistance to quoting the number of dead and affected nurses, what’s all that about then?

Back to Priti Patel:

In a radio interview about her refusal, four times, to appear before a select committee to discuss the [Conservative] government coronavirus response, she said there was:

“politicking going on”.


Am I allowed to opine that she’s out of her depth here? Not just regarding the government’s response, but in her inability to even pretend to be concerned about the people her and her government’s indecision and ineptitude affects.

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