A followup to my Mos Eisley post.

Just had to block some local t*ts in the local Facebook group. I asked a simple question and he and his mates decided to take the piss out of a typo I made. And then, when I happened to mention someone possibly had a personal tragedy this afternoon, one decided to start calling me names. Really, a grown man with a family. Classy.

For some, Facebook is a personal playground. How lacking must their lives be when they feel the need to insult complete strangers? I’m sure they don’t THINK they’re trolling, but…

Oh yeah, not one of them answered my question, they didn’t know.

Anyway, it’s not a normal day here when 3 fire engines, 2 police vans and an ambulance pass by, all with lights and sirens. An hour later the ambulance left without lights, and I’m hoping for the best.

*One is a Covid denier, mask refuser, fancies himself a wit… I should have seen it coming.

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