Bowling Green Falcons football

Reddit’s u/OptimisticRealist__ posted something about ‘Coach Prime’ and it reminded me what I wanted to talk about (that particular day was an odd, odd day.) This post is an edited version of that Reddit comment.

Like most of us English I’ve never been exposed to US College football so I was surprised by what happened after I spent time trying (and failing!) to absorb some of the talk in the r/Browns subreddit about our possible choices in the 2022 NFL College player Draft.

I’d decided a few days ago to pick a team. It’s… (don’t laugh) the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Falcons. They play in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) East division. I say don’t laugh because I could have easily picked national powerhouse Ohio State and get more news and more chance to see a BGSU player play in the NFL, couldn’t I!

There are a lot of parallels in today’s BGSU with the main reasons I became a Browns fan. A rebuilding team, a young team, and they hosted the only college game I ever saw live (during the 2004 trip I keep mentioning in r/Browns.)

The biggest issues I have though will be obvious to most of you:

• There’s not much film out there, and I can’t see a way of guaranteeing I get to see games live on TV.

• From what I’ve read there aren’t too many chances to see BGSU players in the draft or even bowl games.

Issues partially addressed:

• I found the Unofficial BGSU Sports Archive (a YouTube video channel) - but I’d love to know if there are other recent video archives. (Not bootleg as such, but I’m open to suggestions.)

• I’ve seen ESPN+ might have games but I’ve absolutely no idea if BGSU is on the UK channel’s radar. Not expecting help here, I might need to contact the channel directly (and hope I get a helpful customer service rep.)

• I’ve subscribed to Reddit's r/BGSUFB (and introduced myself) and r/MidAmerican in the hope I’ll gain a few insights before the season kickoff.

So that’s it. Apart from not remembering the team’s uniform colours 17 years after my visit (but being pleasantly surprised they’re orange, brown and white) tsk!

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