Chicken soup

(Impromptu earlier, but was eventually very tasty.)


  • The remains of a roasted chicken, preferably with some meat and skin left on;
  • Roasted potatoes;
  • Cooked carrots;
  • Cooked broccoli;
  • Slice of bread, white squishy;
  • Vegetable stock cube;
  • Jalapeño chilli jam (best measured from a squeezy bottle);
  • Tomato ketchup, squeezy;
  • Rosemary, from a spice pot;
  • Salt, to taste;
  • Pepper, a tiny amount.


  1. Boil half a pan of water in a kettle,
  2. Dump the chicken into the saucepan,
  3. Cook it to a rolling boil then let simmer for a while,
  4. When the colour of the liquid evens out then sieve the solids out from the pan over another, separate out the meat and return it and the liquid to the main pan, and discard the bones, skin & cartilage*,
  5. Add the stock cube and rosemary to the main pan and continue to simmer,
  6. Add the potato, carrots & broccoli and boil until simmering again, then then turn down the heat,
  7. Add the bread (to thicken), making sure it’s thoroughly mixed in,
  8. Add the chilli jam and ketchup, both a single circular squirt,
  9. Er…
  10. Eat!

*Tried at this point it’s a bit weak and watery, but at least it tastes of chicken.

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