I’ve moved all of my notes and bookmarks from the Obsidian writing/knowledgebase app into the similar DEVONthink document manager.

Although I’ve known of it for years I’ve resisted DEVONthink mainly because of its cost.

Over those years I’ve spent time with Microsoft OneNote (cross-platform & web), Drafts (iOS & Mac) and Obsidian (cross-platform). But, just as for personal use I’ve previously moved from the Omnifocus task manager to pretty much everything else – and always back again – I have the feeling I should probably have trialled this when I first found it.

One of DEVONthink’s strengths is its ability to simultaneously synchronise with a number of document stores. I’m considering (if my shared web hosting plan allows) attempting to store one copy as WEBDAV, with one in a Dropbox folder.

At least there’s no appreciable lag using iCloud – opening Obsidian could take literal minutes.

And I’m collecting RSS feeds into it instead of using a dedicated reader. RSS, yeah.