This is a test of the Obsidian to WordPress plugin.

I’ve been using a really great notes app called Drafts on my iPhones since 2013, and lately on my Mac.

Someone I know on Mastodon mentioned a couple of days ago that they were taking a fresh look at another notes app/service called Obsidian.

Obsidian doesn’t keep all the notes in one file like Drafts, it instead saves in plain text files – in my case I’ve chosen to save as Markdown – and enables the creation of links between any number of files. Drafts does it too, but it’s an app with less scope and file portability.

Obsidian works on multiple platforms whereas Drafts appears only on Apple hardware. I’m using it in Apple hardware but it can be installed on Androids, Linux and Windows.


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Migration v2

I'm transferring Markdown blog posts from my GitHub Pages repository (repo) into my WordPress blog, this way:

  • Open MWeb for iOS (a Markdown editor with publishing capability.)
  • Make _posts and _images folders and copy all the posts and images from my local copy of the repo into each.
  • Open each post in MWeb.
  • Check for links to old blogs:
    • If none found then strip the YAML post header, ensure the post date matches the original and publish to WordPress.
    • If links found, hold until later and publish the earlier, link-free posts first.
    • I also attempt to use the original post date but know I've failed on at least a couple of occasions. It's not massively important.

Blog posts to migrate:

Date Remaining
2019-04-06 360
2019-04-10 207
2019-04-12 187
2019-04-15 117
2019-04-22 57
2019-04-27 16

(Table updates at various milestones.)


I now need to figure out how to import the posts and pages (and images and audio recordings) from my GitHub Pages blog. The RSS plugins I’ve tried so far don’t do the job so I need to search deeper.

I’ve figured out how I can use Python[efn_note](Extract the date from the post name, the title from the YAML.)[/efn_note] but I’m unable to install the necessary module at my web host and on my phone.

Hello world!

The default post read:

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!”
So I did. (I was blogging irregularly starting in 2014 and have a ‘final’ post in my WordPress.com blog from 2010.)


I've changed the blog post feed address my Python script uses to post to a couple of networks – crucially without testing or modifying the history files.

Expect either failure or multiple reposts (i.e. failure.)




Blogging, blogging, bloggingbloggingblogging … blogging, blogging.

Blogging, blogging.







There's no easy way to say this. I've been neglecting my blog, I've hardly looked at the four social networks I've got accounts with. Heck, I even missed posting in the weekly WednesdayChallenge.

I'm obsessed by something I've never done before, something a number of people have done historically, and experienced the darkest times of their lives.

Yes, I'm writing a book.

Not a book, no. It's a novella. Well ok, I don't know. Novellas are probably longer than 7,500 words, where novels have more than 17,500 words. It depends who's setting the rules.

In this case, me! Right now I've broken off, at 4,710, to compose this blog post.

Science fiction isn't everybody's cup of tea, so I'm not hoping for fame and fortune.

You know how everyone's supposed to have a niche set aside for their fifteen minutes of fame, and everyone has a novel inside them? Well, if anyone were to read mine, I would appreciate it if they ensured mine remained outside my personal comfort zone.

Yeah, I'll post a link when the plot is fleshed out a bit more. For now though, there's this:


300 posts

As someone who uses a blog to write to work through issues I must appear to the world to be a seething mess of discontentment, finding Schadenfreude in the news, no solace from the issues confronting our world.

Checking through the nearly-300 posts at the GitHub Pages repository, some of which I've deemed unsuitable to resurrect at 10Centuries (actually uninteresting even to me!), I found a couple where I profess to be not a blogger.

I very rarely check my post view/feed access count page, have never thought of monetising it all (for reasons anyone who's ever read my stuff will know) so why do I write? To get things off my chest in the hopes of achieving a catharsis, inner peace…

Nearly 300 posts, probably a few more if counting the WordPress precursor, predecessor, whatever the word is…


I should compile a 'best of' list, as ageing rock stars do.