I have absolutely no desire to learn command-line Git; the available GUI-based tools are more than sufficient for me, and especially that installed on my Android phone.

I'll let that sink in…

I use the really rather good Pocket Git, allied with its companion text editor DroidEdit. The only thing it seems to be missing, for this novice at least, is 'Issues' support.

Besides, has, in theory, that and everything else I need. (But I have the ForkHub app anyway.)

Having a Git app on my phone, and working with a tiny amount of text visible above the virtual keyboard, might seem silly. But, I need no Internet connection to work on my stuff – not, that is, until it gets to a push.

Incidentally, DroidEdit isn't a text editor. It's a source code and text editor with syntax highlighting, and has support for "Dropbox, Drive, Box, (S)FTP servers and Git."

I haven't given anything Baz's Seal of approval recently. Pocket Git and DroidEdit both get awards.