ADNHackDay's @lukasros asked a couple of days ago:

"Hello people of! What do you think about having another #ADNHackDay / #CommunityHackDay?
Pinging @matigo @33mhz @duerig @ryantharp @flashblu @adnfuture @pamdavis @jvimedia @cgiffard @blumenkraft and everyone else."

The weekend of January 30/31 has been proposed. And I'm vaguely excited!

"Vaguely" because, as you're probably already aware, I'm not a developer not even a hobbyist coder. It didn't stop me creating a thing that came to its ultimate* fruition only after the weekend I participated. But it was good to watch the evolution of stuff and, though I'd imagine there's no substitute for being in the same room as people working feverishly to complete a hack, it was good enough for me.

No, I don't know what I'm going to do, or what I'm capable of. And that's what the inspiration of a community of like-minded, though far better than me at their fields, people will imbue in me. Confidence. Or fear, too early to say.

Or… I'll just read the recap. Dunno yet!

*It's really not that good. And it has the niche-cubed appeal factor.

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