Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi update. Firstly, and finally, I bought one! The day before Valentine's Day; the trembling anticipation of using 'Amazon Prime Now' proved too strong to resist. The delivery arrived 1-1/2 hours after my finger left the 'Buy Now' button!

Dont worry, my wife got the card and a single red rose!

Back to techy stuff:

Yesterday I:

  • Installed the GitLab* software. Badly.
  • Installed Ruby & support for Ruby gems.
  • Installed the Jekyll static website & blog generator.
  • Installed Glynn, a Ruby gem that copies the site to a remote ftp location.

I say I installed GitLab badly; I failed to setup the program's ability to email activation links to new users. The next step was going to be fix that and progress to setting up the authorisation keys necessary to clone my online git repositories…

I let enthusiasm cloud my judgment.

I, again badly, uninstalled GitLab, and tried every other GUI git program installer.

Ruby, the key to everything I need, wasn't playing along with the new stuff I wanted to install. I'd started with RVM but got rid of that and threw RBENV on instead (remembering the hardship I faced trying to get ayadn_shell to run.)

(time passed…)

To cut a long story short, it's a good thing I'm running the Raspbian Debian Linux installed by something called NOOBS; it has a quick & easy reset to factory settings option on reboot. So I used it.

Wiped, restarted, re-entered new password and computer name; compy386 – to replace my previous laptop, a machine named lappy486. (It's pointless going with a strict chronology at a time like this!)

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