Ruby, I could tear my hair out!!

It's probably not what you think; Ruby dog's fine, it's the computer Ruby I'm just about to rant about.

When I last used Linux the main stumbling block was Ruby – or the version manager incompatibilities with what I needed to do. It's no different this time around with the Raspberry Pi.

The credit-card-sized computer comes with Ruby 1.8. The stuff I want to use requires at least 1.9.3 (I think), so I opted to install 2.0.0. No matter what I did, when I've set it all up and it reports 2.0.0 and I try to install Jekyll, Jekyll reports that listen requires at least 1.9.3.

But, but…

So I reset the bloody thing for a second consecutive night and I'm off to bed!

Maybe the Raspbian Debian thing isn't up to the task and I need something with a little more 'oomph!'

At this point I'll take suggestions from anyone!

Next steps:

  1. Get rid of Ruby 1.8 completely,
  2. Reinstall RVM and Ruby 2.0.0.
  3. Install Jekyll!!
  4. Install sqlite3 prior to
  5. Gogs – a Git repo manager.

Not a big list is it.

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