Summary: Meh.

Detail: Feeling crap, like death warmed up.

I was going to write a long piece about how my recent blog posts weren't necessarily a true reflection of self. The only stuff I've mentioned recently is negative, judgmental or at least ambivalent towards 'things.'

I lead a charmed life though, I'm lucky I'm in a position to be able to moan about first-world problems.

Anyone reading will tire of me mentioning the Raspberry Pi computer. Yesterday's enforced break from playing with it brought with it a welcome pause; the first day since I bought the thing that I haven't felt the need to reset it due to my misplaced enthusiasm for moving forward.

We'll see.

Sideways seems a fair direction to head in, for now.

I had a bit of a play this afteroon, between sitting on [redacted] and made progress; as can build and serve to my computer, can FTP to my web server and have it served from there.

I found a bug in the Jekyll static site generator though; or at least the one on my system. The most recent post 'No' fails to display its title when rendered locally. Renaming it to 'Nope' works but I'd like to Zzzz…

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