Cake. Pies. Pizza. Good wishes… Every time we have a birthday at work we colleagues get the benefit of the celebrant's largesse; it's great.

Yesterday's and today's celebrations put my recent kilogramme of biscuits to shame: yesterday 3 large pre-sliced cakes; today pies, pizza, chicken nuggets, other foodstuffs, and the remains of yesterday's cakes!

At the 10am daily brew time I chanced an arm – being Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday it seemed appropriate to alert the birthday boy thus: "Brew time ma'am!" I curtseyed too. Badly though, I'm out of practice.

It was received well.

I found a personal limit yesterday; 9 pieces of cake, sized small as they were, is indeed too much.

Perhaps I should have used the title 'plentiful', a good couple of days.

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