Have you read the preamble to the Liberal Democrat Constitution?

Everyone should, especially those new to politics. And that's a LOT of people.

Look, it doesn't take long. It contains a lot of things other parties SAY they'll do but never QUITE getting around to doing. Think 'Big Society', 'Northern Powerhouse' for starters. Where's the balance in politics?

Look, it's not some kind of cult, setup to make you feel better about yourself.

Ok, I rejoined the party today. It was easy.

"We need a change," the people said a couple of weeks ago. The people spoke.

Onerous as the RESULTS OF the 'choice' the people made still remain to me, the people spoke.

Roll back a few months, to when the Libdems, in coalition, curbed the worst excesses of a Conservative government hell-bent on ignoring the great unwashed masses and pandering to big business and vested interests. A bit like the Chancellor of the Exchequer wanting to reduce corporation tax from 20% to 15% to attract businesses – or maybe to retain them.

Let's examine the universal revulsion heaped upon the Liberal Democrat party as a direct result of the compromises they HAD to make, and the perceived crippling of its electability – seen as collaborators thus tarred with the same brush as the Conservatives. Or let's not think about it, it sounds hard.

Damnit, I wish people would wake up and switch their minds on. Heck, I don't even care if it hurts for a while as long as those brain cells fire a BIT more frequently.


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