I once tried to read Stephen Hawking's book 'A Brief History Of Time'. I made the conscious decision to fail to complete it right about the time I attempted to balance an apple and orange on a ruler – a ruler suspended on nothing.

Failure: not specifically mine; the book is impenetrable to most readers without numbers, mathematics.

I'm deeply enmeshed in this post-Brexit English political realignment. Peripherally of course; an interested observer.

Realising that an email to my MP and a tweet asking a direct question aren't going to get me anywhere, I'll find it easy when the time comes to admit defeat and go back to my days of blissful ignorance.


Looking over the shambles that English politics has become I'm better off not bothering to understand; just as a final state of apparent idiocy is attained – a plateau – someone comes along and ramps it up a notch!

Excellent for political commentators, pundits, sales of newspapers and, of course, building on a sense of outrage.

Dust settled after the vote for the Labour leadership ballot admissions? Why not change the expectations of a new generation of Labour supporters keen to have a say in the election of the 'next' leader – by excluding the last 6 months of signups?

To be honest, after the Brexit lies I'm surprised if anyone will take politicians seriously again – let alone vote next time they're eligible to!

Happy days.


Well, here goes!

Ordinary people haven't voted until this referendum. Protest votes aplenty skewed the result away from everyone's expectations to a nightmare scenario no-one had envisaged.

'Remain' were expected to win, 'Leave' were expected to have fought a valiantly English fight and to then go on to better things, safe in the knowledge they had respect from those on their side.

Lovely. Everyone's happy see?

Damnit if this carefully-thought-out plan didn't go titsup – causing this unholy meltdown we'll be suffering with for years to come.

If only…

Theresa May was asked today if she'd like to be Prime Minister today – once David Cameron formally resigned of course. The incoming rookie will be the 13th Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth's reign, appointed on this 13th day of July.

Definitely an indicator of SOMETHING this 13 thing, especially if you're interested in coincidences, fate, and you're looking askance at the future like I am.

Back in the real world: Emperor Akihito of Japan wants to retire; Strictly Come Dancing's Len Goodman will retire after the next series; the US Presidential election is heating up nicely – the Republican candidate having promised to pick a VP/running mate by the end of the week…

Extraordinary circumstances all.

Some more positive mews, er… news: Larry the cat keeps his No.10 job despite the rumours the outgoing Prime Minister wasn't a cat lover.

Here's hoping the incoming PM is a cat lover – a redeeming quality, something for ordinary people to relate to.

I just heard the government's House of Commons majority is only 12.

Time for a coalition of like-minded political bodies? Naah, it's more likely time for that centre-left party to be formed. You know, just like the Liberal Democrats but made up of cast-off from Labour and UKIP, and… (shudders.)

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