For a man wanting to become one of the few this world has ever seen to attain the status of a nuclear' button' pusher, Donald Trump has a lot of personal buttons he just does not want pressed.

Unusually for me I'm not going to spend time listing what I think they are, it's pretty evident that every attack on his statements (to begin with) is a trigger for the man.

Keeping the world safe would now seem to be appropriate for all political 'sides' – in the USA and the rest of the sane world – there can't be much more ramp left up which Trump's increasingly adversarial tone can ascend.

'Change' seems to be the driving force behind the man's support. Not the same kind of positivity shown 8 years ago prior to Persistent Obama's success, no. This change is as dark as things get in the so-called civilised world…

I have a theory. Soon 'The Donald' will do something so ridiculous and… no, abhorrent, that the Republican Party – and US voters with at least half a brain – will be FORCED to shun the man. Nothing he's done thus far has worked, but I can imagine his growing despair as each initiative fails.

To be fair though, I thought that about the run-up to Brexit; surely no-one would be daft-enough to vote 'Leave' knowing how ill-prepared we were, how ill-prepared we remain. Look how wrong I was there!

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