14 again

If you're a certain age, grew up and entered your teens in a pre-Internet era, you'll have had a limited choice of music. Ok, I don't mean a limited choice, I mean it wasn't instantaneously there, at your fingertips.

Take your favourite streaming service, look at the breadth and depth of music; from classical to the latest ephemeral nonsense. Er… no, let's not let prejudice intrude here eh. Simply put, aren't we lucky? If there's nothing on a self-produced play list, pick a 'station' thrown together by someone else, find inspiration from RANDOMNESS – something not available even at the height of the anarchically-sited radio stations of the golden age of radio!

Yes, lucky.

Right now I'm not listening to my old stuff (late-seventies to early nineties), no. I'm instead listening to twenty one pilots' Blurryface album. Over and over again. Played loud on my rather nice Bluetooth headphones.*

A journey of discovery. So yeah, I'm 14 again and, do you know, it's not all bad.

*Bluedio R+ Legend. Look them up. They're comfortable, well-suited to my ears, maybe they have a bit of a heavy low end, and leak a bit around the edges… but heck, so do I these days!

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