Incompetents (Tories)

The Nasty Party has, in my eyes, sunk to a new low point of incompetence. Faced with a small number of party leadership candidates they’re whining it’s too many, it’s unmanageable.

This is a group of people democratically elected by a majority to govern a country and to deal with matters on an international stage, and they simply can’t comprehend how to deal with 13 hopefuls (may increase to >17 during the week.) One proposed solution: change the rules to stop this frankly appalling scenario in future; another: change the number of triaging votes per week to get it over as quickly as possible.

Did they think that offering up the Prime Minister’s job would not generate massive interest, especially as there is for the second time no need to win a General Election to get it? My view, they thought no-one would want the poisoned chalice apart from the expected incompetents.

…and voters trust them to lead the country through these turbulent times? That’s not a question, it’s a statement. We’ve gone from a country of characteristic political apathy and a deep mistrust of every politician, to one which believes KNOWS things will be better after March 29 April 12 October 31… over three effing years after we should have had a plan in place!

And if that’s not the case, that there’s an element of trust, then the prevailing mood is “let’s get it over with as fast as we can”, without any thought of the future or even immediate impact across every facet of our lives.

I for one shall welcome our American overlords with an open wallet; I’m looking forward to: eating salmonella-free chicken and larger-than-life steaks, relishing the thought of reduced-cocoa chocolate that smells of sick, selling off the loss-making NHS in favour of an honestly capitalist free market in health insurance and looser rules on medicine pricing and, for my daughters’ sake, a relaxation of gun controls that’ll surely eradicate the knife crime epidemic sweeping our once-great nation… oh yeah baby, bring it on!

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