Same as it ever was

I’m not making resolutions.

Recycling 2017’s:

  • Picking at my thumbnails at the traffic lights on the way to work: Done. Consistently done. Not even biting them (other than impromptu trims.)
  • Reducing sugars in my tea & coffee: Done, also consistently so. ‘Half Spoon’ sugar/sweetener helped a lot!
  • Eating more healthily: Getting there. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan. Recently committed to a vegetarian diet to attempt to share influence with r/Browns over the football gods for the last 2 games in the season. We lost both, but I’m now more aligned to veggie than I was.
  • Exercising: Failing still. Massively.
  • The thing that shall not be mentioned in polite society: Yup, still doing that.

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