Slavery (book)

I want to buy a book on world slavery.

History lessons until high school were fascinating, especially when taught by a teacher I had my first ever crush on. The English Mediaeval period quickly became my favourite, the feudal system in particular and of course the seismic change in the aftermath of The Black Death Plague.

High school History lessons, taken after PE and then Music literally brought on a headache. Literally, not figuratively, and every lesson. So I didn’t choose to study History.

Nevertheless ever since school I’ve retained a fascination with the broad brush strokes of history, just not the detail. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Egypt twice, the USA a few times, and live in England.

Ok, slavery, why this, why now?


I first attempted to buy Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook, but failed. Even the bookseller purporting to have stock ultimately failed to fulfil my order.

Racism, as I’ve said before, is a recent term. The roots of racism are far older, which is why I’d like to ‘study’ the topic to a greater depth.

Sure it’d be easy to jump into racism and there’d be enough to keep me occupied for a very long time. Sure it’d be easy to focus on anti-Black racism, and ditto.

Slavery hasn’t ever been quite as simple overall as just a master-slave ‘relationship’, there are many different forms of slavery, most of which are related to poverty.

So, I’m asking for book recommendations, for a readable book on the history of world slavery. Under £30/$50 unless it’s amazingly good (however that’s defined.)

Here’s one having something in common with most others, it’s out of stock too:

A Brief History of Slavery (Brief Histories): A New Global History.

I can wait; both slavery and prejudice aren’t going away anytime soon.

But I’d really, really like to start the journey now; suggestions please!

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