Failure to get the message across

It seems Michael Gove is taking credit for a LibDem policy, the Pupil Premium.

I wrote the email below on 14 June in response to a request from the local LibDem party leader for someone to host a Zoom session for a party leadership candidate.

No questions I’m afraid.  Rant follows, long, sorry.

It’s too short notice for me to even watch, and I’m no activist let alone assured enough to host.  However after reading Wera’s statement below I have to say it’s been the way I’ve wanted the party to go for a long time, since the tuition fees news ‘broke’, and every more depressing year since.

I’d go further (and have done in surveys which the party hasn’t followed me up on.)  The public needs a lesson in British politics: the minority coalition party gets the scraps and the future negative press, the positive headlines belong to the ‘most popular’ party.  It’s about compromise and being in no position to dictate terms.

The last election was fought on the basis we made mistakes back then; the message must be pushed that these [insert a full list here] issues had to be compromised on and this list [insert another more telling set here] is where we failed. Only Ed Davey even got close as I recall, and again as i recall, he was the only LibDem to do so – and as the vote for the personality machine rolled on, that important message was lost.

In essence we can’t let the public make its own mind up.

Anyway, as of now, if I remain a member, you have my vote.  ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ aside (inspired, polarising) if you win don’t listen to those who’d stuff this up by resorting to platitudes, cuddly but meaningless ads and party political broadcasts; if we’ve got another 4 years to wait until the next election the seed needs planting *now* that the LibDems remain viable.  

Gotta end on a positive note.

I hope the Zoom thing goes well!



I didn’t get a reply.

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